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Planting spring blooming bulbs is an easy way to bring your winter-weary garden to life with exuberent floral displays well before most perennials poke their noses out of the ground and before it's warm enough to plant annuals. Summer blooming bulbs provide the garden with vibrant color in the form of flowers and/or exotic foliage at a time of year when many gardens can use a mid-summer boost. The ideal approach is to take advantage of spring bloomers to get the garden going early and summer bloomers to give it sizzle later in the season.

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Spring blooming bulbs such as crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, snowdrops and tulips must be planted in the fall, before the ground freezes. They flower from January through June, depending on the type of bulb and where you live.

Summer blooming bulbs such as cannas, dahlias, gladioli and lilies are planted in spring, after the last frost, and flower from June through October, depending on the type of bulb and where you live.

Types of Bulbs

Bulbs are a diverse group of plants which have one thing in common: they store food underground in a fleshy structure commonly called a "bulb." The truth is, there are four different types of underground storage structures. We don't mean to get overly technical but it helps to know the odd-looking, shriveled up tuber you are planting in fall will give rise to cheery anemone flowers in spring, just like the more familiar tulip bulb does.

True Bulbs
True Bulbs
True bulbs include daffodils, hyacinth, lilies and tulips.
Canna and iris are good examples of rhizomes.
Corms give rise to flowers such as crocus and gladioli.
Anemones, dahlias and ranunculus grow from tubers.
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