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Rheum rhubarbarum 'Canadian Red'


Sweet juicy cherry-red stalks.It keeps its color when cooked. Stalks are high in sugar and tender with no need to peel.

GMO Free

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Rhubarb Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips:
Planting should be done in the early spring. Set rows 5 to 6 feet apart, and in the rows, plant 3 feet apart in shallow furrows so crowns will be only 2 inches below the surface.Rhubarb grows best in full sun but benefits from some afternoon shade in southern zones. When planting, add generous amounts of organic matter to the soil and space plants about 3 ft. apart. If planted too closely, they will be scrawny and more susceptible to disease. Rhubarb requires winter dormancy to survive. In areas with mild winters, they may die. Winter mulch is recommended in the north.
Interesting Notes:
In the kitchen, rhubarb adds a zip to pies and tarts that only rhubarb can do. When combined with strawberries, raspberries, apples, and other fruits, the flavor only gets better.

The leaves are not edible and are poisonous.


48-60 Inches


Rheum rhubarbarum 'Canadian Red' Characteristics & Attributes

Full Sun
Moisture Needs
Critter Resistance
Squirrel Resistant
Deer Resistant
Rabbit Resistant
Growth Rate
Foliage Color
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